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2016-2017 Staff

Blanca Martin

Copy Editor

Blanca has been passionate about journalism since she was in grade school. She was often the only grade school student who looked forward to tuning in to the nightly news. When she is not reporting you will find her reading true...

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Danielle Anzures

Staff Writer

Danielle grew up in Whittier and has lived there her entire life. She is the youngest of her immediate family. She has always enjoyed writing, but this is the first semester she has written for El Paisano. In high school, she...

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Danny Celiz

KRHC Station Manager

As station manager, Danny edits all audio and video recorded for El Paisano podcasts. Throughout his childhood he played countless video games, which in turn has inspired him to become a video game journalist.

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Yahaira Urbina

Staff Writer

This is Yahaira's first year as a newspaper staff writer and photographer. Over the past few years, she has worked with different organizations within their marketing departments. As a mass media communications major, Yahaira hopes to be a...

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Victor Lozano

Staff Writer

Victor Lozano is currently in his fourth year at Rio Hondo. He began writing for the newspaper two years ago because he thought that writing was always his strong suit. He usually writes for sports or news, but is open-minded...

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Rose Loza

Staff Writer

Rose Loza is a first- year student. She plans on majoring in either English or Journalism. She has been with El Paisano for two semesters. Rose hopes to finish her general education in the next year before transferring.

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Malissa Myers

Editor- in- Chief, Digital

Malissa is the Editor- in- Chief for El Paisano Online. This is her third year at Rio Hondo as a journalism major. She enjoys watching movies and television in her free time, and her favorite TV series is "It's Always Sunny in...

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Zachary Mejia

Managing Editor

Zachary is the news editor for El Paisano. This is his second semester writing for El Paisano, and his first as the news editor. He mainly covers school and local news, but occasionally writes about global politics. He enjoy...

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Sandra Reyes

National Ads Manager

Sandra is the national ads manager for El Paisano. She is a journalism major and hopes to transfer to a four- year university in the Fall of 2017. She aspires to work as a reporter for both English and Spanish- speaking news stations,...

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Noah Garcia

Opinion Editor

Noah is the opinion editor for El Paisano. He is currently in the process of writing a book. He played saxophone for eight years. He once got lost in another country. Noah considers himself a prolific baker....

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Ramon Alvarado

Staff Writer

Ramon loves watching and playing sports. He also loves listening to music, as well as producing it. In his free time, when he's not catching up with his favorite sports teams, he enjoys making hip-hop beats on his laptop.

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Cain Hernandez

Staff Writer

Cain has a passion for sports and hopes to have a future in the professional sports world. He would love to work for the Los Angeles Dodgers some day. He also loves to have fun and listen to good music.

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Angelo Torres

Graphic Designer

Angelo is a second year student, and a journalism major. He was a part of his high school's newspaper for four years. He enjoys writing, editing, and the challenge of meeting deadlines. When it came to picking a college major,...

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Xavier Alatorre

News Editor

Xavier graduated from Cal State LA with a degree in economics and is taking prerequisites for a master's degree at Rio Hondo. He is obsessed with baseball, music, economics, politics and hefty stouts. Over the last three year...

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Pete Escobar

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Pete enjoys hikes and skateboarding in his free time. If it wasn't for his journalistic interests, he would probably pursue a field in Biology or Astronomy. In his future, he hopes to find a position at a news station or online....

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Alex Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Alex has been a photographer for 3 years and has been photographing events, musical acts and tours. He is currently interning for the Montebello Journal, which he has enjoyed so far.

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Steven Perez

Staff Writer

Steven was born in Long Beach, and raised in Murrieta, CA. He comes from a single- parent home and has one sister. His interests include music, art, food and movies. In his free time, Steven enjoys making new experiences and going...

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Ashley Lopez

Staff Writer

Ashley is a journalism major, and hopes to transfer to CSUF next Fall. She is a merchandise coordinator at Tj Maxx. Her idea of fun is reading blogs and magazines, going on Pinterest, and jogging. She loves writing lists and...

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Eileen Gaeta

Lifestyles Editor

Eileen is the lifestyles editor at El Paisano. She is looking forward to transferring next semester  to a Cal State. She can see herself working in television or radio broadcasting in the future, and her ultimate  goal is to...

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Diego Crespo

Co- Editor- in- Chief, Print

Diego Crespo is co- editor-in-chief of El Paisano print newspaper. In his spare time, Diego is a struggling freelance writer who loves to talk about movies. His greatest aspiration in life is to write a Spider-Man story. He can...

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Diana Juarez

Copy Editor

Also known as "Juarez". She is a copy editor for El Paisano. She is an award- winning writer that can't manage to write her own about me page. She is also a communications major and is in the process of writing her first full-...

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Adam Calleja

Staff Writer

Adam is entering his fifth semester at Rio Hondo, majoring in Journalism, and this will also be his second semester writing for El Paisano. He has lived and attended school in the city of Whittier his entire life. He likes to...

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Vanessa Luna

Copy Editor

Vanessa is a copy editor for El Paisano. She loves reading and writing. She also enjoys sea life and is obsessed with bodies of water and the animals that inhabit them. She grew up in El Monte and still resides there with her...

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Crystian Mendoza

Sports Editor

Crystian is currently the Sports Editor for El Paisano, and he really enjoys writing. He also enjoys watching and playing sports. He is mainly a soccer fan, but he also likes basketball, baseball, and tennis. He plays on a weeke...

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Jake Laurell

Staff Writer

Jake is a guy of humble beginnings. He loves chess and a good cheeseburger. He lives life for the thrills and expressing his skills. Jake works zealously everyday towards the betterment of humanity.

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